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Pueblo’s Original Wrestling Association

A Wrestling club created in 1972 to support wrestlers from kindergarten to high school.

To date the club has been creating many succesful avenues for the youth of wrestling. Not only do we teach and coach, we emphasize wrestling styles, techniques and different levels of conditioning.

Coach Urenda created a goals list for wrestlers and parents to help understand the sport and it’s values it may help them with on and off of the mat.


1. Stretch and Flexibility

2. Tumbling = Create Coordination

3. Grade Checks = Responsibility

4. Respect for the Sport = NO crying, arguing or bad attitudes

5. Team Pride……POWA!

6. Chores = being respectful at home, school , etc.

7. know the rules

8. Install a style or technique

9. Interact = be social, make friends

10. Have fun, be excited to go to practice

*You cannot hide or disguise hard work

11. Compete at the Youth State Tournament


You may not be the best wrestlers but make the effort and realize how much you have improved from the start of the season to the end. Goals don’t always mean being the champion your goals can be achieved by your personal success at your level of self-satisfaction.

-Coach Tim Urenda

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